Chapel of St. Helena, Šenkovec

Šenkovec 40000
Jelenska ulica
+385 (0)40 313 499

The gothic chapel of St. Helena in Šenkovec has unique cultural and historical value due to its gothic frescos from 2nd half of 14th century.
Gothic frescos are rare in North Croatian, Kaikavian cultural region because in Turk-wars a lot of gothic heritage was destroyed.
The chapel belongs to Museum of Medjimurje. Around the chapel there was a monastery founded in 1376 by Order of Paulins. The monastery served as cultural and religios centre of Medjimurje and nearby areas. The Pauliner monastery got destroyed in earthquakes in 18th. and at end of 19th. ct., but the chapel of St. Helena was preserved. Count Mikula Zrinski has built here a crypt for his family in 1559.

Sadly enough, in whole of Šenkovec there is not a sign or table which would signify that there is a unique cultural heritage in the village, so the chapel is practically invisible to a traveller.
That's why we show here the exact location of the chapel on Google Maps.
It is also incredible that such important heritage with unique value not only for Šenkovec and whole of Medjimurje, but for whole of Kaikavian cultural region, is not even on Google StreetView. So we can only show you here the street that leads to the chapel on StreetView.
For a visit a prior contact to Museum of Medjimurje is needed.

Old Monastery St. Helen

Gothic frescos

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