Holy mass in Kaikavian language, Dubranec

Dubranec 10418
Zagreb,Velika Gorica

On 4.10.2014 not far away from Zagreb and Velka Gorica, in Dubranec (Vukomeričke Gorice) a holy mass in Kaikavian language will be held.

Liturgic works and holy rituals in Kaikavian region were held over 1000 years in Kaikaivan language! The Bible was translated into Kaikavian, and Kaikavian spiritual books have had a remarkable influence on language of Croats in Gradišče (Burgendland).
It is only that for the last 100-150 years that holy mass is held in Stokavian, so the spiritual tradition of Kaikavians and the spiritual literature is is much stronger and bigger in Kaikavian language.

Along with visiting the holy mass in Kaikavian, you can combine visit to Dubranec with exploring the beautiful traditional Kaikavian wooden architecture in Vukomeričke Gorice.

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