Off-road bike tour around Čakovec, Čakovec - Mali Mihaljevec

Čakovec - Mali Mihaljevec 40000
Franje Punčeca

You are in Čakovec, or maybe close to, and you got one of those super modern bikes with big broad tires, and want to know what you can really do with that bike? Or you simply want freedom and nature with a modest bike? 

We have carefully chosen for you this track that goes 90% off road but is not too hard. It has everything that a off-road bike tour gotta have: easy valley drive, steep hill drive, forest drive, river-cross, and a lake! 
The track is mostly on field and forest ways, away from the hustle & bustle of everyday traffic.

Main points of the route:

  • Forest creek - cross
  • Lake between hills - place for relaxation za relaksaciju
  • Bedekovič' pits - 2 protected species of butterfly live here, hard to find anywhere else: Dusky large blue and Scarce large blue
  • Međimurski dvori - the route goes close to this traditional restaurant
  • Kneja - restaurant with tradidional Kaikaivan food from Medjimorye. Built from whole wooden chucks, next to it there are horses and playground for kids

At the end of the route there is the traditional reastaurant Kneja, for refreshmentm, or you can just  stretch your  legs on the sunny grass. 
The length of the way is around 10 km one way, less than 2 hours of easy drive with some breaks. The faster ones can do it in 1 hour.
Back to Čakovec you can go more or less the same way, or before Brezje turn left (short way - you will have one creek-cross and pass by a small lake). You reach Šenkovec and can continue on the side walk.

Route description - just follow the map above:

  1. Start is in the centre of Čakovec, on a macadam way behind tenis-courts. Off road adventure is about to start!
  2. Take care passing the street, because macadam way is a one way street, so drivers do not expect somebody will want to cross the street.
  3. We continue straight to the fast "ring road" of Čakovec - again take more care because you are crossing it coming from a small way
  4. We cross it and take left immediately, on the bike-way along the road few meters where we take the first country road on the right, direction Šenkovec
  5. Over the field road we reach the last housed of Šenkovec, and do not enter it, but take left. Below the gentle hill Ksajpa (Xaipe), we also pass below Villa Morandini (marked in orange on the map), and the asphalt road goes over in macadam. 
  6. Before first bridge we take right, into the forest. We leave the creek on the left and enter the forest Here we take the middle way (like Buddha)
  7. Until the steep uphil path, we pass a downhill bike trail, push our bikes some 20m uphill. Maybe you can try without pushing, but it is hard (mark-point on the map)
  8. Up in the forest there is forest way waiting us on a plateua, which goes down to the creek. We keep left
  9. And go down to the creek, pass it below broken tree, push the bike up to the trail, and take right to the forest road (mark-point on the map)
  10. We are passing through a beautiful forest, deer can be spotted, then we get out of the forest
  11. We continute on the field road and a little through Brezje, right behind soccer ground we turn sharp left, and cross the sreet, after 5m there is a small macadam on the right
  12. We keep on the right of the forest and reach the retention lake (marked on the map)
  13. We continue acorrding ot the map to the centre of Lopatinec. Here we can buy some water in the local store. and continue few meters on the side walk.
  14. Sharp left take over the street in the pine tree forest - take care on the left & right, the cars on the street tend to be pretty fast 
  15. Through the forest we reach Bedekovič' pits. Continue right along the creek till the brige on the left
  16. Left over the bridge and righ uphill until the street. Cross the street (take care), and we immediately go into the forest on the left
  17. Beautiful short forest drive, then come out of the forest and turn right - to Kneja! Here we are.

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